Legacy volunteers help our staff provide the finest possible medical care and receive a rewarding, sometimes inspiring, experience in return. You can help the families we serve by providing the extra care that lets our clients know how much we care about and respect them. You can also help us spread the word about all of Legacy's first-class services, ensuring that those in need can find us. Below, you can find greater detail about different ways to help at Legacy.
You can be the face of Legacy as you welcome families as they arrive and make sure they get to their destination. You will help them complete paperwork and interact with our patients, especially children, so they feel comfortable in our campuses.
Do you like working with children and want to make a kid’s day brighter? At this placement, you can brush up on your Candy Land and Lego skills and help staff members entertain children while they wait.
Legacy’s Outreach staff and volunteers help communities understand the benefits of a healthier lifestyle. This might involve representing Legacy at a health fair, testifying at a hearing on accessible health care or talking with teens about their personal responsibility.
You can help improve the look and feel of our campuses by assisting our professional staff with small jobs around our locations. Even the best-run agency needs some repairs now and then, and you can make sure our facilities stay clean and beautiful.
Legacy needs individuals and groups to volunteer who want to make a positive impact on the lives of our patients. We are unfortunately unable to accept walk-in volunteers, so please contact Debbie Costello, Manager of Volunteer Services, at volunteer@legacycommunityhealth.org or 713-830-3030 for more information.


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