Positive Options

People living with HIV/AIDS often have multiple, complex issues that make it difficult for them to maintain practices that reduce or prevent HIV transmission. These issues include societal and cultural stigma, fear of rejection, substance abuse, mental illness, fear of domestic abuse, and more.

Positive Options is a free one-on-one, client-centered program providing a confidential place for HIV-positive individuals to discuss how HIV impacts their life. Legacy’s Positive Options counselors help clients with such problems as telling partners they are HIV positive and learning how to ask a sex partner to use protection.

The program helps people living with HIV/AIDS to:

• Decrease the number of sex partners and needle-sharing partners
• Increase use of condoms
• Adhere to their medication
• Take an active role in medical care
• Increase skills around discussing safe sex practices

The program also can refer clients to needed psychological, social and medical services.

For more information about Positive Options, contact the staff at 832-548-5021 or 832-548-5071.

This service is free to any HIV-positive person.

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